It is not posible to get a Membership in 2020!

To become a member, click on “Opret profil” up to the right on the front page or "Bliv Medlem".

Fill out the following categories:
Navn og adresse:  Name and address  Fornavn: First name  Efternavn: Surname
Adresse: Adress  By og postnummer: Town and post code  Kommune: Home municipal (Choose from the drop down menu)
Telefon: Telephone  Mobiltelefon: Mobile telephone
Alder og køn: Age and gender  Fødselsdag: Day of birth  Køn: Gender
Emailadresse: Emailaddress  Email: Email  Email igen: Email again 
Profilinformation: Profile information  Brugernavn: Username  Password: Password (Create your own username and password).
Then click "Opret profil" 
Payment of the membership fee (except for passive membership) covers:
  • annual membership

  • access to book outdoor courts

  • the opportunity to participate in club activities

  • the opportunity to book indoor courts that become available. See “Events” from August/September) - read  

         about indoor courts here.

 The membership fee is due every year before April 1st.

The fee is reduced 50% when registration takes place after July 31st.

Passive membership provides financial support to TKR. With it, you are not able to book courts, sign up for activities,
vote at the general meeting or participate in committee work. You are, however, exempt from paying the sign‑up fee
of 100 kr, should you wish to convert to an active membership.



Annual membership fee

Sign-up fee (one-off fee)

Senior (F member)



Junior (J member)



How to pay your membership fee if you are a new member - or were a member last year:

  1. Log in with your profile's username and password.

  2. Go to “Banebooking” and click on "Betal her" and choose the type of membership you would like to have.

  3. Pay for your membership online by Dankort by "Betal her".

  4. You now have access to the booking system and are a member of the club.

  5. You are able to book a court immediately after becoming a member


  • Once you have created your profile, do not change it unless there are corrections to be made.

  • You have your own personal password, so that it is easy for you to remember it when you book a court.

  • If you forget your password, it is automatically sent to your mailbox when requested.

CLICK ON "glemt password" below the login box in the left menu.

  • If you forget your password and do not have a PC, please contact the club administration at


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